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Bears’ Brandon Marshall opens up about Borderline Personality Disorder

October 9th, 2013

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

The entire 30 days of October may be painted pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, but the Chicago Bear is leading the charge for an accent color: green.

Brandon Marshall bringing attention to mental health–an problem that almost cost him their future.

“There had been just things I didn’t realize, for years. I didn’t understand why I felt certain ways, I wasn’t happy, I was isolated, ” Marshall says in an interview with FOX 32.

His analysis changed their lives, so the Bears star wide receiver and his spouse want to help others through the Brandon Marshall Foundation.

The terrace at Trump Tower system replaced regular bulbs with green illumination at the “Chicago Skyline looking at party” Tuesday night, lighting the way for mental health issues to be met with support instead of stigma.

“Mental illness isn’t’ some thing to be scared of, per se, actually is just something for you to gain understanding about. It’s part of life, inch Marshall’s wife, Michi, chimes in.

“Sitting in team therapy with doctors, social employees even, insurance brokers, me right here an NFL player, students, and all got up, and visited the parking lot and went on with our lives like nothing was going on, ” Marshall reflects.

What was going on in his life before treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder—troubled early years of issue, arrests, and suspensions—were all beneath the painful spotlight.

The Marshalls are hoping for just as much focus on the proof that mental health issues are treatable.

“First, we wanna take over Chicago, you know, and make this thing the national campaign, you know, light the whole nation lime green! And make everyone say, ‘what is that? ‘ We want everyone to know, because it affects one in most four, ” says Marshall.

The lime green shoes Marshall will wear in Thursday night’s game will cost him $10, 500 in fines. He’s already financed the Brandon Marshall Foundation along with nearly a million dollars, so he certainly thinks it’s worth it to raise awareness.

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