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Requires QB Jerrod Manley: ‘Terrific untouchable. Team player. Marginal arm. Average mobility. encourages

September 1st, 2013

Inde i once blew off a story on the Requires signing a third-string QB to write things i thought was a better story on the defensive end who was cut although he was 2nd on the team within sacks. The defensive end was Mark Thomas, who you probably don’t keep in mind. But the QB was Jim Burns, who would end up being the Bears’ starter it happened in 1999 and went 11-2 and led the Bears to the playoffs in 2000.

Lesson learned. It’s about the QB. So here’s the deal with Jerrod Manley, the quarterback the Bears signed to their own practice squad Sunday. His first name is definitely obvious ja-ROD. He is 6-5, 250 and also played basketball, broad receiver and quarterback at Texas A& M. He started being a junior last year and went 6-7, together with a loss to Georgia in the Independence Dish, when he passed for 362 yards and also ran for fifty one.

Started the 2010 period as the preseason Huge 12 Offensive Player of the season, but threw four picks against Florida International (a 27-20 victory) and also Oklahoma State (with five TDs in a 38-35 loss) and eventually lost his work to Ryan Tannehill.

Manley went undrafted this year, unfortunately he the Number 1 overall choose of the USFL write a week later. Unfortunately, the league went out associated with business and Johnson certainly not played a game for that Harford Colonials.

This individual signed with the Eagles in 2011, the Steelers in 2012 as well as the Seahawks in 2015, but was reduce by each team before playing in a regular-season video game.

So that it’s really worth, here is the scouting report on Johnson from Professional Football Weekly this year. It’s simple to tell through the “positives” exactly why Marc Trestman and also Phil Emery just like the man.

Positives: ‘‘Excellent dimension. Can sidestep the first rush and toss with touch. Outstanding work ethic and interest in the overall game. Terrific untouchable. Studies the overall game. Team player. Outstanding identity — class work. Solid career production. ’’

Disadvantages: ‘‘Marginal arm strength for his dimension. Overgrips the ball and it comes out with a loose rotation, floats and also sails high as though it were within slow motion. Posseses an elongated delivery and also telegraphs his passes. Inconsistent throwing technicians leads to inaccuracy — many times sprays the ball. Lacks pocket poise and passing instincts. Often locks in to his targets and feel pressure. Average mobility. ’’

Summary: ‘‘Streaky artist who was benched later in his senior period after regressing, not really showing the same arm strength he did before offseason surgery and also pressing a lot of. Athletic enough to garner several interest as a forecasted tight end, but brightest future in soccer might turn into being a coach. ’’

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