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Needs renegotiate Julius Peppers’ deal, free up limit space

September 4th, 2013

The Bears’ salary-cap situation is really a tight 1. But the Needs were able free up some additional space by renegotiating the contract of defense finish Julius Peppers.

An origin said the Needs lowered Peppers’ base salary for 2013 through $12. 9 thousand to $9. 10 million, converting $3 million to some signing bonus. Most importantly, the move frees up $1, 795, 467 within salary cap space just for this time of year.

However according to the resource, it does increase Peppers’ cap hits for your 2014 as well as 2015 seasons. Their salary cap will really be $20, 683, 355 within 2015.

Peppers did meet the media right after practice on Wednesday.

“I don’t really know what to state to that particular, but I guess you can evaluate it how you wish to, ” Peppers mentioned. “But I guess it’s confirmed. ”

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