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Brandon Marshall planning to get fined Thurs for a good cause

October 8th, 2013

Bears receiver Brandon Marshall will stand out from the get-go Thurs against the Giants at Soldier Field. And it won’t be because of the dual teams he’s facing or because of Marc Trestman’s plans to free of charge him up.

Those people all will come into play after his lime-green cleats catch everyone’s attention.

“The league’s going to hit me with a wonderful, little ($5, 000) fine and I’m asking them to take the money, ” Marshall said Tuesday. “The money I’m going to match and give it to a great basis doing some work in the mental health community. ”

Marshall had become the focus of a few scrutiny by the media — a few fair and some unfair — together with his production slipping in the past three video games and seemingly everyone expecting his frustrations to boil over.

On Tuesday, Marshall took to the podium in the Halas Hall mass media room to discuss nearly everything regarding his current situation, while raising awareness for mental health issues. He wore a bright green jacket, passed out green ties and flyers with information and even kept a trivia session with the attending media.

“I like it, ” Marshall said of the eye being on him. “I look at this amazing opportunity. It’s cool, I put 30 yards [receiving against the Saints] and that sucks, but all this interest around me gives me the opportunity to come up here and talk about 500 degree (his apparel for mental health awareness) or The Tie Bar or even what we’re doing to raise consciousness.

“I like it. I embrace it. I know there is going to be cameras on me, it just makes my system that much bigger. I really embrace it. I truly believe that football is the platform not my purpose. I live life that way. ”

Marshall said he’s no longer managing his borderline personality disorder, yet past it. But he knows the perceptions some people have of him.

“The reasons why I say that is the perception is definitely I struggle, I’m on medicine, I’m still in groups. It’s not that, ” said Marshall, who confirmed that he was never on medication “I went through something, also it was tough. I went through a program and it was effective for me. So now I feel like I’m living a healthy normal life. That doesn’t imply I’m perfect. I don’t think I’ll ever be. But I have the various tools I need to cope with my emotions.

“Really, it’s about communication. It’s not bottling everything up. So that’s why I state I’m not a politician. I’m constantly going to tell the truth. It doesn’t matter in case it’s behind closed doors or if it’s to you guys (the media). I am going to say what’s on the mind. I’m not going to try to be troublesome, but I’m going to validate my very own feelings. ”

Marshall and his wife will be speaking about mental health at the Kennedy Forum within Boston on Oct. 23. Meat Kennedy will be there.

“The who’s who in the mental health awareness will be there, so that’s going to be pretty awesome, ” Marshall said.

As for his expected fine, that is automatic per league uniform rules, Marshall is still deciding which business he will donate the matching end up.

Either way, he’s looking towards playing the Giants.

“This is my kind of online game, ” Marshall said. “If they’re going to double me, that’s great. We’ll go to our other guys. But if they’re not, man, they’re going to have to pay. That’s where I am at — confident. ”

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