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Happenings at Halas: Jay Cutler returns to practice

November 7th, 2013

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Jay Cutler is back. He practiced Thursday, felt 100% and says the injury is completely behind him.

“If I wasn’t back to 100%, or they had any doubts, I wouldn’t have been practicing today. They would have let Josh have another crack at it and I would have had to sit another one out,” Cutler said.

He ran through every drill in practice. He ran the offense and feels this groin tear is completely behind him.

“We threw a lot at it,” Jay said.

He really credits his own determination, as well as an ARP machine for the quick return–halfway through the original 4 week time line.

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Program–a machine that clearly does just that. Well, technically it stimulates the nervous system to help relax tissue and promote faster healing. Peanut Tillman has one that I’m pretty certain he’s using on the regular. And Matt Forte has used one in the past too. Forte actually noticed Cutler moving around well rather quickly and immediately thought he’s got to be using the ARP.

Cutler wasn’t sure exactly what it did, but it doesn’t matter “I just use it, and I’m back so …”

Yeah, I guess that’s really all that matters.

Credit Josh McCown for his incredibly humble attitude through all this.

“I had a blast on Monday night,” he said after learning he’d again be the backup. “Sure, there’s a part of me that’s bummed I’m not playing anymore, but the best thing for our team is Jay Cutler as our quarterback. He’s our starting quarterback, so that’s my focus.”

McCown didn’t seem the least bit surprised by the quick recovery. Cutler was focused on beating the time frame, and his teammates could see it.

“Jay is unique, he really understands his body,” Trestman said. “He’s a unique athlete.”

“Jay has super human powers,” Forte added.

Martellus Bennett isn’t ready to call him a super hero in one of his cartoons, but said he’s a super hero on the field so, “he’s number 6 in our programs, number one in our hearts. Last week, it was number 12, so Jay’s my BFF again. I’ll be eating lunch with Jay, but I’ll let Josh sit with us.”

All kidding aside, everyone is glad Cutler is back at the starters table. He’s ready for what’s ahead in the second half of the season. Just because he’s coming back from injury, there will be no limitations in the play calling. He’s out there, he’s 100%. He’ll start and he’ll run Chicago Bears football…and offense currently ranked 10th in the league.

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